Tetra-cis-lycopene is a highly beneficial bioavailable form of lycopene, and exhibits a golden-orange or tangerine tomato colour. But not all tomatoes with this colour contain tetra-cis-lycopene, as this colour can also be expressed by beta-carotene. Hence it is necessary to chemically analyse each tomato variety to verify whether or not it contains tetra-cis-lycopene.

We provide here a list of all the varieties that we have had analysed and confirmed to have tetra-cis-lycopene to assist health conscious gardeners, healthy food advocates and researchers worldwide. Data has been obtained from the 2015 season.

Variety Name Tetra-cis-lyc Plant characteristics * Fruit characteristics † Flavour ‡ Sourced from
Alice Brewer 3.82 Semi-determinate/semi-dwarf (about 1 metre +); early (70 days). Medium-sized orange fruit. Mild. Tomatobob, Ohio, USA
Amana Orange 5.04 Indeterminate; matures 90 days. Giant beefsteak. Mild. Tomato Growers, Florida, USA
Amish Orange Sherbert Heirloom 5.36 Indeterminate; high yield. Beefsteak style; vibrant orange. Sweet and mild flavour; low acid. Amishland Heirloom Seeds
Amish Yellowish Orange Oxheart 8.21 Indeterminate; matures early; high yield. Medium-large classic oxheart-shaped salmon-orange tomatoes. Sweet and mild flavour. Amishland Heirloom Seeds (no longer on their list)
Aunt Gerties Gold 5.73 Indeterminate; potato-leaf; mid-season 75-80 days. Giant beefsteak style; golden tomatoes. Good flavour. Seed Savers Exchange member, Iowa, USA
Barnes Mountain Orange (or Yellow) 6.54 Very tall vines; matures 85-90 days. Extra-large beefsteak; fleshy smooth-skinned orange tomatoes. Rich ‘old-time’ tomato flavour. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Mansfield, Missouri, USA
Big Orange 6.14 Indeterminate; matures 75 days. Large beefsteak; juicy fruit with low acid; skin peels like an orange. Sweet flavour. Seed Savers Exchange member, Iowa, USA
Big Yellow 4.06 Indeterminate; matures 80 days. Large yellow-orange beefsteak style; sometimes slightly green-shouldered. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Brown’s Yellow Giant 3.57 Indeterminate; late (90 days); heavy yield. Large/extra-large beefsteak. SSE Yearbook 2010 listed as Claude Brown’s Yellow Giant. Mild, tropical fruity flavour. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Bursztyn 3.34 Compact determinate or semi-determinate; very early fruiting; high yield. Medium plum-type yellow/orange tomatoes; the first fruits are seedless. Good sweet flavour. Tatiana’s Tomatobase, British Colombia, Canada
Chuck’s Golden (aka Chuck’s Yellow) 5.47 Indeterminate; matures 77 days (mid-season). Extra-large to giant beefsteak. Fleshy, sweet fruit with well-balanced flavours. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA (named for seedsman Chuck Wyatt)
Dad’s Sunset 1.01 Indeterminate. A uniformly round large beefsteak; ‘glowing’ orange tomato. Slightly tart, yet sweet, fruity flavour. The Chilli Pepper Company (UK)
Djena Lees Golden Girl (named for Djena Lee, pronounced ‘Sheena’) 5.23 Indeterminate; mid-season (77 days). Large beefsteak-style fleshy fruit; 1st prize at the Chicago Fair for many years in the 1920s. Richly-flavoured with a well-balanced tangy sweetness. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Earl of Edgecomb 2.52 Indeterminate; smaller plants about 1 metre tall; 73 days, mid-season. Large beefsteak style, 7cm diameter, globe-shaped fruits. Well-balanced sweet and acidic flavour. NZ heirloom sourced from Solana Seeds, Canada
Elbe 4.31 Indeterminate; tall vines (2 metres+); potato-leaf type (grandifolium); matures 85 days. Large beefsteak style golden to bright orange tomatoes; German origin. Intense flavour. Solana Seeds, Canada
Elfie 4.94 Indeterminate; matures 85 days. Large beefsteak style, golden-orange tomatoes. Sweet flavour. Tomatobob, Ohio, USA
Faribo Goldheart 4.9 Indeterminate, 81 days, late-season; prolific yield. Large slicing tomato; round or oblate, not heart-shaped as the name would suggest. Sweet with pleasant acidic finish; suits salads or canning. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA (originating from Farmer Seed and Nursery Co., Faribault, Minnesota in 1955)
Gary Ibsen’s Gold 4 Indeterminate; tall potato-leafed; high yield; mid-season (75 days). Brilliant golden extra-large beefsteak-style tomatoes. Fruity flavour with acid to balance. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA (originating from Boone County, West Virginia, USA in 1990)
Gary’s Golden Bear 1.64 Indeterminate; medium-sized plant. Large, golden-orange juicy tomato. Richly flavoured. Trade Winds Fruit
Golden Grape 2.5 Indeterminate. Bite-sized golden fruits. A bright and sweet variety. Trade Winds Fruit
Golden Green 7.12 Indeterminate, matures 75 days, mid-season. Golden/orange medium slicing tomato; firm fruit. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Hawaiian Pineapple 6.13 Indeterminate; matures 93 days, late season. Large golden-orange beefsteak-style fleshy fruit. Fruity, sweet, hints of pineapple. Tomatobob, Ohio, USA
Homer Fike’s Yellow Oxheart (grown by Mr. Homer Fike, USA) 1.74 Indeterminate; matures 89 days (late season). Giant beefsteak-style, golden-orange heart-shaped fleshy fruit with few seeds. Delicious fruit-sweet flavours. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Hurma Ukrainian 5.76 Indeterminate. Medium, orange slicing tomato. Sweet. Amishland Heirloom Seeds
Ilse’s Orange Latvian (aka Ilse’s Yellow Latvian); named for Ilse Auzina. 6.73 Indeterminate; medium to high yield. Large slicing tomato; golden-yellow fruits, some slightly oblong. Firm fleshy thick walls. Pleasing flavour; suits canning or fresh. Tatiana’s Tomatobase, British Colombia, Canada; offered SSE Yearbook in 1995 or earlier.
Kellog’s Breakfast 3.42 Indeterminate; originated West Virginia, USA. Orange beefsteak. Very good flavour; sweet. Seeds by Design
King’s Gold 3.02 Golden colour. Koanga Institute, NZ
Large Yellow Amish 4.28 Indeterminate, 78 days, mid-season. Yellow-range large beefsteak-style fruit; apricot-coloured flesh. Well-balanced sweetness and acid. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Mini Orange 3.36 Indeterminate. Vibrant orange large cherries; smooth texture. Subtle pleasant earthy flavour. Seeds by Design
Moonglow (Winner of SSE 2007 Heirloom Tomato Tasting) 5.38 Indeterminate; 85 days. Smooth, bright-orange fruits with firm, dense flesh; high pectin; medium-sized slicer-style tomato. ‘The best texture and flavour of any golden-yellow tomato.’ Solana Seeds, Canada
Mountain Gold 3.6 Determinate; smaller plant with good yield. Golden-orange; firm medium-large beefsteak tomato. Mild, sweet flavour with a hint of acid. Trade Winds Fruit
Old Wyandotte 1.65 Indeterminate, 90 days, late-season. Large beefsteak-style golden tomatoes. Well-balanced sweet and acid flavour. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Olga’s Round Golden Chicken Egg (aka Olga’s Round Yellow Chicken Egg) 7.27 Indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces a very heavy yield; matures 70 days, mid-season; excellent to grow. Round to oval, golden, medium plum-type tomatoes with thick skin. Sweet and slightly tart flavours. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA; brought from Russia to USA by Bill McDorman; introduced by Seeds Trust in early 90s.
Orange Beefsteak 4.56 Indeterminate, 79 days, mid-season; large yield. Medium-large slicing tomato; golden orange. ‘Delicious, well-balanced, sweet, fruity flavours.’ Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Orange Bourgoin 2.62 Indeterminate. Orange cherry tomato. ‘Juicy, fruity, mild sweet with remarkable taste.’ The Organic Gardening Catalogue, UK
Orange Crimea 8.04 Indeterminate; late-maturing. Large peach-shaped, deep orange fruits; tendency for green shoulders. Very sweet and juicy. Sand Hill Preservation Centre
Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge 6.99 Indeterminate. Medium size vibrant tangerine-orange fruit with purple blotches on the shoulders. Mildly sweet. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Mansfield, Missouri, USA
Orange Plum 1.84 Indeterminate; very heavy yield. Small, orange, plum-shaped tomatoes. Sweet flavour with slightly tart finish. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Orange Queen 2.41 Open indeterminate vines; early, 70 days. Bright orange; beefsteak. Mild flavour. Seeds by Design
Orange Roma 6.92 Indeterminate; early. Medium slicer; salmon-orange colour. Pleasant flavour. Seeds sourced in New Zealand.
Orange Strawberry 4.14 Vigorous, indeterminate, regular-leaf plant with average yields. Strawberry-shaped, bright-orange large oxheart with a distinct tip; fleshy fruit, few seeds. Sweet, rich, complex taste. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA; offered in SSE Yearbook in 1995
Orange Teardrop 5.31 Indeterminate. Mid-orange coloured ovoid-shaped fruit. Flavourful; well-balanced acid and sweet. Seeds by Design
Orange Valencia (named after the oranges of that colour) 4.6 Good for cooler climates. Smooth, firm texture; fleshy without a large number of seeds. Well-balanced acidic and sweet flavours. Sourced in New Zealand from Niche Seeds who are no longer in business.
Peg’s Round Orange (named for Peg Spencer) 1.08 Indeterminate; matures 90 days; disease-resistant; high yield. Medium-large slicing tomato; orange. Sweet, low-acid. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Persimmon (said to be grown by Thomas Jefferson) 5.24 Indeterminate, regular leaf plant; high yield. Named for the colour of the fruit; extra-large, beefsteak-style fleshy, few seeds. Very sweet; excellent flavour.
Roughwood Golden Plum 3.82 Indeterminate, thick, green foliage; mid-season. Round bright golden, plum-sized fruits, thick, paste-like flesh. Creamy texture, good flavour. Sand Hill Preservation Centre
Russian Persimmon 3.1 Indeterminate; 75-80 days. Very productive. Orange fruits, some more smooth and some are ruffled. Excellent sweet flavour. Tatiana’s Tomatobase, British Colombia, Canada
Sakharniy Zeltiy 3.42 Indeterminate; high yield; early for a large tomato. Medium-large golden-orange fruits. Tones of sweet mixed with tart.
Sibirische Orange 4.56 Indeterminate. Association Kokopelli (formerly Terre de Semences Organic seeds)
Small Lap 2.87 Semi-determinate, mid-season; very heavy producer. Orange, slightly oblate medium to large slicer. Sand Hill Preservation Centre
Small Sweet Orange 1.63 Indeterminate; grows well in all NZ climate zones. Golden-orange cherry tomatoes. Very sweet and tender. Koanga Institute, NZ
Summer Cider Apricot 6.15 Indeterminate; potato-leaf; matures early. Large orange beefsteak-style with creamy orange flesh. Sweet flavour; apricot aroma. Amishland Heirloom Seeds
Tangella 6.13 Disease resistant, highly productive. Clusters of 5cm diameter round, bright-orange fruit; blemish-free. Fragrant with a snappy tang; earthy notes. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Tangerine 5.82 Indeterminate. Large, well-shaped, orange slicer. Juicy; mild flavour; not acidic. Seed Savers Exchange, Iowa, USA
Tobolsk (100-year-old heirloom tomato) 5.73 Indeterminate; origin Russia. Large, round, light golden-orange slicer, 7cm diameter. Flavours well-balanced between acid and sweet.
Turkey Champ 4.26 Indeterminate; regular leaf; late. Large, golden/orange globe tomato. Sand Hill Preservation Centre
West Virginia 5.05 Indeterminate, regular leaf plant. Extra-large/giant golden-orange beefsteak tomatoes. Fruity/sweet flavours. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Yellow Brandywine Platfoot Strain (named for Gary Platfoot, Ohio, USA) 4.15 Indeterminate potato-leaf variety maturing 90 days (late season); heavy yielding. Large golden beefsteak-style tomatoes; heavily-ribbed shoulders. Intense sweet flavours balanced with a slight tartness. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
Yellow Oxheart 2.58 Indeterminate; vigorous vines; late (90-95 days). Medium-large, yellow-orange, heart-shaped fruit. Fleshy yet juicy.
Yoder’s Yellow German 3.4 Indeterminate; mid-season; named for Yoder family. Gold (not yellow) extra-large to giant beefsteak. Flavourful and fleshy. Tomatofest, Little River, California, USA
* Indeterminate tomato plants grow from spring until frost, producing fruit on long vines that can grow 2 metres or taller. Determinate plants bear in a shorter time, on shorter vines.
Size: Description: Weight: Diameter:
Small Cherry 25 to 55 g 2 to 4 cm
Medium Plum 40 to 130 g 4 to 6 cm
Medium-large Slicing 130 to 220 g 6 to 10 cm
Large Beefsteak 185 to 220 g 7 to 10 cm
Extra-large Beefsteak 220 to 320 g 10 to 14 cm
Giant Beefsteak 320 g + 14 cm +
Flavour descriptions are subjective and vary with growing conditions. Those in quotation marks may have been generated for promotional purposes.