Invitation to New Zealand Tomato Growers

We invite keen tomato growers to join us and be part of our ongoing tomato research.

Our objective is to have the best tomatoes in the world for human health and we would like individuals who share this intent to join us, to grow these tomatoes with this intention and with love. It is an open-source project in that people will be free to grow and sell their produce or plants or give them away to others.

We ask growers to keep an eye out for any possible changes as the varieties may potentially evolve naturally over time. We wish to avoid the mistakes made by commercial breeders in the past who have diminished the levels of beneficial compounds in today’s modern tomatoes.

Rather than try and control the breeding process, as commercial breeders do, we would like to try an alternative approach. We ask that you don’t physically manipulate the varieties to try and cross them. Just allow this to happen naturally, if that is what is meant to happen.  If you notice that a change has occurred in the variety, then please share a few seeds back with us, so that we can monitor and analyse the ongoing development of these fruits.

Science now recognises that scientists can influence the outcomes of their experiments just by wanting a particular outcome and hence the modern advent and use of double-blind trials. We believe that a person’s intention when they plant a seed can influence the growth and development of that plant. We would like to couple that with research into whether outcomes are not as random as has previously been thought. Einstein used to say that “God does not play dice” (allowing for each person’s individual interpretation for the term “God”).

There are external factors and natural laws that affect human beings. Perhaps we have a creative ability through our intention that can influence the outcome of events. Our research intends to explore these possibilities through the medium of “tomatoes”.

Contact us if you would like to be a part of our research and trial one of these varieties.