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Contact us if you wish to inquire about:

  • Receiving seeds or other propagating material from our collection
    • Golden/orange tomato seeds (send a stamped self-addressed envelope)
    • Climbing beans (send a stamped self-addressed bubble bag)
    • Grafting material (limited supply)
    • Trees for collection are bare-rooted (winter only)
  • Contributing heritage seeds or other propagating material
  • Our operations and promotional/educational activities
  • Offering skilled volunteer services to the Trust
  • Making a donation



Heritage Food Crops Research Trust
126A Springvale Road,
Whanganui 4501
New Zealand

Donations Toward the Research

The Heritage Food Crops Research Trust is a registered New Zealand Charitable Trust working to find natural plant-based solutions to combat disease. We operate from funding received from charitable grants and donations from members of the public. Trustees and staff of the Trust work on an unpaid, voluntary basis. We would very much appreciate your support to assist us in the work that we do.

Donations help to conserve an array of heritage plant material (from heritage fruit trees to heirloom bean varieties), and support the Trust’s research endeavours to find the best fruit and vegetable varieties for human health.

Donations may be made by cheque, bank deposit, or credit card (via PayPal). Cheques may be sent to the following address:

Heritage Food Crops Research Trust
126A Springvale Road,
Whanganui 4501
New Zealand

Our bank account number is 06-0793-0299259-00 (ANZ Bank).

Donations are tax-deductible in New Zealand. Please provide your name and address using our contact form below so that we can send you a donation receipt, which you can use to claim the tax deduction.

Free Seeds

This research is looking to find the best open-pollinated tomato varieties in the world for human health, particularly those highest in lycopene for cancer prevention.

The research sought to determine whether hybrid tomato varieties (and by implication, vegetables in general) are nutritionally deficient in comparison with traditional open-pollinated heirloom varieties.

Through this research and the world-wide search for heritage tomato varieties conducted by the HFCRT, New Zealanders now have the opportunity to grow these ‘real’ tomatoes with their more available form of lycopene. The Trust makes seeds of these varieties freely available as a well being initiative for all New Zealanders,

To obtain seeds, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Heritage Food Crops Research Trust
126A Springvale Road
Whanganui 4501