Ancient Knowledge

Ancient peoples have for millennia communicated with plants and worked in harmony with the Elemental Beings and the Elemental Forces. However modern mainstream science is largely ignorant of this knowledge and an holistic understanding of the world we live in and the practices necessary for each of us to live in attunement with the natural world.

One of the difficulties facing conventionally taught individuals is that this ancient understanding is deeply embedded in cultural practices, ritual and language. And this can seem quite foreign to the modern Western mind.

Our research pathway has uncovered some of this knowledge and we share with you here some of the underlying concepts and practical applications that will help you to work with the plant kingdom in a more aware and respectful manner.

Plant Communication:

We communicate with plants by thought. We can direct our thoughts to particular plants that we want to communicate with. When we refer to ‘talking’ to plants, this refers to thought communication. There is no need to vocalise our thoughts.

So send out your thoughts to your trees and plants, let them know how wonderful they look and how well they’re doing, and thank them for their beauty and their fruit – and they will receive your thoughts and appreciate them.

When digging in the soil, send a blessing to the soil, to acknowledge the element of Earth.

When pruning ask permission from the plant. Let it know what you are intending to do so that it can be prepared and doesn’t get a shock from the sudden procedure.

Every tree is a living entity, and each one has elemental beings around it. Whenever you transplant or repot a tree or plant – ask the plant’s permission and also the permission of the elemental beings around it.

When cutting down a tree, visit the tree at least three days beforehand. Talk to the tree and explain what you intend to do and what you will use it’s wood for or use the area for. Thank it for it’s service and ask it to withdraw it’s essence, it’s energy, which it will do over those 3 days. It can be very traumatic for trees to be just cut down without warning and upsetting for other trees in the area – because trees are able to communicate with each other over long distances. Whereas if you’ve communicated with them, then their lifeforce is not put into a state of shock by your actions.

Elemental Forces and Elemental Beings

The four elemental forces are the Air (wind); Water; Fire (represented by the sun); and the Earth (the essence of the earth itself).

The elemental beings are the spirit form expression of the four elemental forces.

The elemental being of Air is the Sylph. It’s actions are to purify the air, communication and thought.

The elemental being of Water is the Ondine. It works with emotions, sympathies and feelings.

The elemental being of Fire is the Salamander. It is very loyal and has a great deal of energy.

The elemental being of Earth are the Gnomes. These represent thrift and conservation and are hard working.

The function of the elemental beings is to work in harmony. And man’s role should also be to work in harmony with all other life forms.

Nature spirits find it difficult to exist in environments where there is heavy use of chemicals and artificial fertilisers in the ground and atmosphere. So it is best to not use these, if possible.

If you have room, it is beneficial for the elemental beings to leave some areas deliberately wild and uncultivated for them to inhabit without undue disturbance.

In order to assist with harmonising the sonic vibration of your property it is beneficial to place four clear quartz crystals, one in each corner of the property – buried point upwards. This can be done around any property where you live, and if you are unable to obtain four crystals then just one in the centre, will also assist with enhancing the vibration. This will be beneficial for the plants and elemental beings.

Replacing a tree

There are natural laws that govern mankind on this planet and they are the same natural laws that are in place throughout the universe. One of these is the Law of Repetition. If you cut a tree down, then under this Law you need to replace that tree with another tree, not necessarily the same variety, but so that when you finish this physical existence, you haven’t diminished the planet by your actions.